The purposes of this Association are to:

  • The purposes of this Association are to:
  • A. Promote and protect the interests, rights, and welfare of the retired educators of the Stevens Point area in conjunction with the Wisconsin Retired Educators’ Association (WREA).
  • B. Monitor and work to improve the benefits for retired educators and other members of the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS).
  • C. Encourage Association members to maintain membership in the Wisconsin Retired Educators’ Association (WREA).
  • D. Develop working relationships with local service organizations whose main emphasis is on aging groups and with organizations sharing goals similar to those of the Association.
  • E. Inform Association members about and advocate for educational and other relevant societal issues.
  • F. Inform members of activities in the area provided for senior citizens.
  • G. Encourage Association members to be active participants in community affairs on an individual basis.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

From the Legislative Committee:

Joyce Chekouras recommends a film about Citizen's United and the REDMAP program.  See the notes in the sidebar under News and Notes.

Also from Joyce, a website with historical background information concerning the current political situation:

Friday, January 20, 2017

Back to the 50s at the Fireside

Our Director of Fun Stuff to Do, Eileen Payne, is planning another trip to the Fireside Dinner Theater.   The show is "Back to the 50s" on June 15.  If you're interested, contact Eileen at 715-341-5571.  Specific details about the cost and menu will be coming soon.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

November Meeting: Better Late....

Honored at the November meeting were veterans Elbert Rackow,  Jim Krems, Jerry Kasdorf, and David Crawford.  An anonymous donor paid for their lunch and presented them each with a copy of America's White Table.  The White Table is set in many mess halls as a symbol for and remembrance to service members fallen, missing, or held captive in the line of duty.

Jim Harris, former DC Everest teacher and principal, presented viewers with brochures, photos, and slides of his work in Laos helping to clear unexploded land mines and bombs left from the Vietnam War.

He has financed over a decade of this work with his own money, and now sells coffee raised by the Laotian people.  He's opened a museum in Wausau to share his experience and the Laotian culture.

For information about his organization, go to

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Superintendent Craig Gerlach Speaks at January Meeting

The new superintendent of the Stevens Point Area Public Schools spoke to the membership at our January 9 meeting.  He addressed the unique problems that the District faces and considers the compensation package to be a primary concern.  As we're aware, it's difficult to attract and retain teachers in the political and economic environment of the current Wisconsin situation when the District has no compensation plan.  When asked what we could do to help, he repeated the need for substitute teachers.  He also informed us of a task force focusing on the physical needs and assets with the intention of creating a long-term plan for managing those assets.  This likely will include a need for a referendum for necessary maintenance and improvements to physical plants.  He was realistic but positive that the District has overcome the turmoil of the past years and in a good position to move forward.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Welcome Aboard!

We're looking forward to seeing you on Monday, January 9, at the Sky Club.  You can find the agenda and the newsletter on the sidebar.  For security reasons, the financial information found in the newsletter you get through the Post Office or by email won't be posted on the website.

You may want to bring an extra $12 with you.  Thanks to Judy Zimmerman, Eileen Payne, and Santha, we now have SPARTA t-shirts.  They will make our organization even more visible when worn while volunteering or working the Book Sale.  The price is certainly right!  Order forms can be downloaded from the sidebar. Send the forms and your check to Jan Langton.