What is SPARTA?

SPARTA represents retired educators and education supporters. We are a unit of WREA, the Wisconsin Retired Educators' Association, a state-wide group that works toward protecting our pension fund, supporting public education, and advocating volunteerism. OUR LOGO: The green outline represents the Stevens Point Green Circle Route and the circle of life which is enhanced by education - in other words, learning and understanding. Most towns in the Stevens Point area have a river or a lake nearby. The blue waves symbolize that learning is like a river and flows continuously throughout our lifetimes. The gold symbolizes the golden sands of the southern part of Portage County. Through education we have learned to utilize this resource to improve the economy of our area. The pine trees represent the northern part of Portage County. Through education we have learned to better manage this resource. In the area represented by SPARTA, we have the following types of formal education, represented by the five trees: Elementary, Junior High, Senior High, Technical College, and University. They also illustrate that education is everlasting. -Shirley E. Multhauf


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