The purposes of this Association are to:

  • The purposes of this Association are to:
  • A. Promote and protect the interests, rights, and welfare of the retired educators of the Stevens Point area in conjunction with the Wisconsin Retired Educators’ Association (WREA).
  • B. Monitor and work to improve the benefits for retired educators and other members of the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS).
  • C. Encourage Association members to maintain membership in the Wisconsin Retired Educators’ Association (WREA).
  • D. Develop working relationships with local service organizations whose main emphasis is on aging groups and with organizations sharing goals similar to those of the Association.
  • E. Inform Association members about and advocate for educational and other relevant societal issues.
  • F. Inform members of activities in the area provided for senior citizens.
  • G. Encourage Association members to be active participants in community affairs on an individual basis.

2018 October: News and Notes Special Edition

Oct. 1, 2018 
No, you are not mistaken! According to our revised by-laws, we will not be meeting in October. Our next regular meeting will be Monday, Nov. 12, at Park Ridge Family Restaurant, (our new regular space.) However, there are several things to be shared with you prior to that time. 
Book Sale 
As you no doubt have on your calendars, our next book sale will be on October 17-20 downtown at the rooms belonging to the CWCM (Central Wisconsin Children’s Museum). When our meeting schedule was changed, our Book Committee was concerned that we might not be able to recruit enough help so far in advance, but not to worry! All of us came through! As of this writing, over 30 members have volunteered to work at least one shift: 
Laurel Hoeth Kathleen Nicholson Lynne Keggelman 
Sue Reinhardt Mary Marx Kathleen Plaissance 
Fran Fulton Arvy Crawford Sherrilee Wallerman 
Joyce Chekouras Barb Clementi Jan Langton 
Santha Bickford Anne Eggleson Carol Van Alstine 
Chris Neidlein Sandy Schroeder Mary Moore 
Eileen Payne Mary Ann Krems Sally Dehlinger 
Jan Higgins Judy Zimmerman Suzanne Fee 
Lauren Isberner 
And, of course, the book committee: Nancy Kemmeter, Janeen Kwarciany, Nancy Mezyk, Janet Swiston, Fran Volrath, and Charlene Laurent. 
YEAH, TEAM!! Many, many thanks to you all! 
Convention Follow-Up 
With just a few minor glitches, our state WREA Convention was a big success! Many thanks to our SPARTA members who worked on the committee, attended, or supported us in any way! One of the main speakers was a local “boy”, a Pacelli alumni, who now teaches in Edgar and runs a fantastic program which makes personal connections to historic events! Both Nancy Kemmeter and Mary Ann Krems knew and worked with him as a youth, and he made us all feel good about being educators. Several other community members made excellent presentations in the small group sessions. Dan Dietrich spoke passionately on Climate Change, Chancellor Patterson presented on Changes at the University (You have to admire him for taking the hot seat), and one of our own, Don Behnke, presented on his coaching experience with his “unlikely hero and unforgettable season” in 1985 at SPASH. The Plover VFW posted 
and retired the colors. All of them were excellent and represented us so well! It was a rewarding experience. Next year the convention will be in La1crosse. Many thanks to Dave Blado, Mary Ann Krems, Janet Langton, Lauren Isberner, Joyce Chekouras, Sally Dehlinger, Sherrilee Wallerman, Anne Eggleson, and Santha Bickford for donating time at the Registration Table and representing us at the business meeting. And to our District President, our own Lynne Keggelman! 
2019 Committees 

The president is in the process of firming up committees for next year. We are so happy to have added the office of Data Manager and look forward to being able to complete even more of our duties on our friendly computers! But don’t worry-if email is not your thing, we are happy to keep our postal workers busy too! 

Executive Committee Meeting 
The next Executive Committee meeting will be Oct. 26 at the CWCM at 11:30. Please contact any f our officers if there are issues you would like to have addressed. Or feel free to join us on that day. 
Referendum on November 6 
Don’t forget that Stevens Point voters will be voting on two referendum issues. Your president has been representing us at the meetings supporting these much-needed funds for our public schools. To learn about some of the issues, check out Key Communicators: 
Also there will be informational presentations at the Lincoln Center at 6:30 October 10 and at Ben Franklin at 6:30 October 16. The video posted referred to above is the first of a series of four which will be coming out weekly to educate all of us about what the referendum will fund and why it is needed. 
Please remember to vote!! 

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