The purposes of this Association are to:

  • The purposes of this Association are to:
  • A. Promote and protect the interests, rights, and welfare of the retired educators of the Stevens Point area in conjunction with the Wisconsin Retired Educators’ Association (WREA).
  • B. Monitor and work to improve the benefits for retired educators and other members of the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS).
  • C. Encourage Association members to maintain membership in the Wisconsin Retired Educators’ Association (WREA).
  • D. Develop working relationships with local service organizations whose main emphasis is on aging groups and with organizations sharing goals similar to those of the Association.
  • E. Inform Association members about and advocate for educational and other relevant societal issues.
  • F. Inform members of activities in the area provided for senior citizens.
  • G. Encourage Association members to be active participants in community affairs on an individual basis.

2018 Sept. agenda, min., news

STEVENS POINT AREA RETIRED TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION (SPARTA) MEETING Park Ridge Family Restaurant, 3425 Church Street, Stevens Point

Monday, Sept 10
President: Santha Bickford Co-Secretaries: Dave Blado, Lauren Isberner
Co-Treasurers: Janet Langton Immediate Past President: Joyce Chekouras
 Socialization beginning at 11:15 with orders taken about 11:30. You are responsible for your own lunch and will also need to include a tip. We may order either breakfast or lunch, only soup or salad, or whatever pleases you. 

BUSINESS MEETING: (Beginning as soon as orders are taken and continuing through lunch) 
Call to order: Pledge of Allegiance; Introduction of guests and new members; Reflection, remembering especially our associate member David Crawford (Arvy’s husband) 
Drawing for door prize 
Consent Agenda/ Officers’ Reports: Minutes of previous meeting as written on the following pages (automatically approved if there are no corrections.) 
Treasurer’s Report 


1. Election of officers for 2018-19 and 2019-2020 
2. Regular Committee Updates: (Because members have expressed a desire to shorten the business meeting, we will only hear from those who have been active and wish to report.) a. Book Committee. Because we will be implementing our new by-laws with meetings alternate months, we will need to sign up for our shifts at the book sale in October. It is imperative to bring your calendars along! 
    a. Book Committee. Because we will be implementing our new by-laws with meetings alternate months, we will need to sign up for our shifts at the book sale in October. It is imperative to bring your calendars along!
   b. Grant Committee
   c. Legislative Committee
   d. Social Committee
   e. Health Committee 
   f. Data Committee 
   g. Membership Committee 
3. Report on Volunteer Hours due to Joyce. 
4. Annual Report to WREA including goals for next year 
5. Planning for Committees for 2018-19. 
6. Confirmation of members responsible for individual schools. Preliminary plans for Education Week 

1. Presentation of Budget for Next Year 
2. Finalizing Plans for Our Part of the Convention 

   a. Delegates 
   b. Workers 
   c. Local speakers 

3.New Volunteer Opportunities With Our Local School District 
   a. Boston School Forest (See handout in News and Notes.) 

   b. YES! Committee 
   c. Learn for Life 


Minutes from May, 2018 
On Monday May 14, 2018 SPARTA met at the Park Ridge Family Restaurant with 27 present including our guest speaker, Sue Jacobson. 

The door prize was won by Sandy Schroeder. There was a moment of reflection for colleagues who have recently passed including Bill Witt and George Meeks. 

Jan Langton presented the treasurer’s report. $21,459 is the checkbook balance and we have $25,782 in the Community Foundation Acct. 

Book Committee: Janeen Kwarciany thanked everyone who helped at the last sale which was another huge success. She explained that some monies from the sales was spent on a pallet mover which was needed to make preparation for sales smoother. There are many books which have not sold that need to be hauled to St. Vincent de Paul and Goodwill. 

Eileen Payne suggested that other organizations such as the “Little Libraries” in various locations as well as Easter Seals might also be a good resource for our leftover books. 

Grant Committee: Janet Swiston reported that selections for grant recipients have gone smoothly. The review of requests in the September, 2018 through August, 2019 year will be considered in September. Application forms can be found on the SPARTA website. 
Health Committee: It was reported that there is a new method for detecting breast cancer which utilizes testing breath and urine. 

Legislative Committee: Wisconsin Retired Education Association continues to support legislation concerning our pensions. The superintendent of Stevens Point Public Schools is holding public meetings to keep area citizens informed about the shortage of funds to continue operating expenses and to improve and repair facilities. Santha Bickford has been representing SPARTA at these meetings. 

Menu Committee: Laurie Pascutti reported that the ad hoc committee members met with Parkridge Family Restaurant staff to discuss the lunch menu for our meetings. Staff indicated that choosing from the current menu would work well. Members may order whatever they want and pay for it as a regular customer. We are thankful to Laurie and other the committee members Sherrilee Wallerman, Jerry Kasdorf, and Laurel Hoeth for spending the time to investigate this for us. 
Nominating Committee: Sue Reinhardt reported that current officers have agreed to stay in their positions for another term (two years). The position of vice president remains unfilled. Members are urged to consider stepping up for this opportunity to serve. 

Data Manager: Sherrilee Wallerman has agreed to serve in the new Data Manager position. She will use updated technology to keep our website and communications up to date. SPARTA is very grateful for agreeing to use her skill and expertise in this role. 

Scholarship Committee: Mary Ann Krems reported that the recipient the SPARTA Elbert Rackow scholarship is Casey Nieman who will attend UW/SP and the recipient of the SPARTA Ramona Weisbrod scholarship is Maggie Mancl who will also attend UW/SP. 
Social committee: Eileen Payne reminded us of the trip planned in July to tour historic Cedarburg and Port Washington and to see the musical Assisted Living. It promises to be a good time. Please contact Eileen with any questions. 

Sunshine Committee: Mary Beth Anday continues to send thoughtful messages to the families of fellow colleagues who have passed including the most recent, George Meeks. 


Jan Langton moved to set the dues for 2018-19 at $12. Barb Clementi seconded the motion, which passed. 

Jan Langton moved to donate $100 to the Community Foundation for the SPARTA Scholarship Fund in memory of Joyce Daberkow. The motion was seconded by Jerry Kasdorf and passed. 

Anton Anday thanked all the volunteers who taught a total of 31 classes at the school in Heritage Park. It was another successful year. Anton also reminded members of the Historical Bike Ride on May 20 from noon until 3pm as well as the Historical Dance at Heritage Park on June 2 from 7-10pm. All proceeds benefit the park. 

The meeting was adjourned. 

Sue Jacobson gave an interesting and informative presentation about her African Safari. It was entertaining and inspired many members to explore similar travel. The members were especially grateful to her for stepping up at the last minute when our original program cancelled. 

The next meeting will be held on September 10,2018 at Park Ridge Family Restaurant with our guest speaker being Portage County K9 Resource 
Officer Eric Koepsell. 

Respectfully submitted, 
Lauren Isberner 

2018-2019 SPARTA Membership Application

Name _______________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip ________________________________________________________

District and school from which you retired ___________________________________

Preferred phone number _________________________________________________

Email ________________________________________________________________

  Our default method of communication is through email.  If you wish to receive a paper copy of the newsletter, check this box.

☐      I’m a new member.  My first year is free!
    $12 -- Regular one-year membership.
☐      $150 -- Lifetime membership: one time payment.

    I’ve sent my dues directly to WREA                       

Regular membership (retired teachers, support staff, k-12, administrators, technical college and university.) 
            $50 for one year
            $135 for three years

Associate membership (spouses of members, other annuitants in the Wisconsin Retirement System, current teachers, friends of education.) 
            $30 for one year
  ☐ $75 for three years.

    $625 – Lifetime membership: one time payment of $625 or a payment                                     plan.  See Jan Langton or contact WREA for details.

New and Notes 

As we prepare to kick off a new year with SPARTA, we have several opportunities along with a few challenges. Please note that we need to give Joyce Chekouras a summary of our volunteer hours for the year. We have our annual unit report due to WREA by the end of September, and our volunteer hours are an important part. Thanks! Please remember to pick up a new volunteer form for next year. (Our year runs from Sept-Sept.) 

Learn for Life, a United Way of Portage County internal program, in partnership with Portage County school districts, local businesses and community members, provides young children with tutors on a regular basis to increase reading achievement in the early grades. The program is looking for volunteer tutors to work with second and third grade students for one hour at a 
time, each week. If volunteers can’t make the commitment of one hour each week, we ask them to be substitute tutors. These subs fill in (upon their availability) when a the regular tutor cannot attend their scheduled time. Training on reading strategies is provided and tutors are able to pick the school and time that works best for them. To learn more about this opportunity, visit 

Also, as many of you know, the Stevens Point District will have two referendum questions on the November ballot. I have been representing us at meetings to plan exactly what the District needs to ask for and they 

And, of course, we are still looking for a member to join our slate of officers as vice-president. We are also forming committees for the next two-year term. As the old cliché goes (and we all know it’s true!), many hands make light work. At the present time a few members are carrying the load for most of us! 

SPARTA is responsible for registration at the state convention at the Holiday Inn on Sept. 24,25, and 26. Currently I still need one volunteer for from 2-4pm on the 25th and two volunteers on Wednesday, the 26th. from 9:30-12:00 for the registration table. Please let me know if you would be available then or at some other time. We could possibly trade shifts. 

We have lots of homework for this September meeting! Remember to bring your: record of volunteer hours, your membership form, and your calendar! (We have to sign up for slots to work the October book sale!) See you on the tenth! Bring a friend!

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