Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Some hopeful words from Margaret Atwood

 She's quoted in an article written by Hugh Delehany in AARP Bulletin:

What gives you hope now?

"I'm hopeful about young people because they're taking an interest in the future of the planet.  And I'm also hopeful about America, at a time when some Americans are not, because I don't think it's over for America yet.  I think America is an ornery and diverse enough place that it would be very hard to get everybody to line up and do some kind or weird salute, even though the country has had a fascist undercurrent since the 1930s or so.  I'm counting on Americans' crankiness and orneriness to keep things from going too far in either extreme."



I like that; crankiness and orneriness.  We certainly are that. 

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