Friday, February 2, 2018

Happy Valentine's Month

Sent this to my sister for Valentine's Day:

For the scientist in your life:

And a Word from our Sponsor...

Michelle Bachman is waiting for a sign from God to tell her if she should run for Al Franken's vacant seat in Minnesota.

And the word is...

From my hometown of St. Paul.

Quotes of the Day

Just a few  collectables:

What is the virtue of reaching compromise with people who think two and two equal five, to make an agreement saying two plus two is four and a half?
                                                  -Daily Kos, Feb. 1, 2018

“When all you’ve ever known is privilege, equality feels like oppression.”
                                                 -Lawyers, Guns & Money, Feb 1, 2018

You don't get what you earn, you don't get what you deserve; you get what you get.

No good deed goes unpunished.
                                                       -Jan L's tombstone

What's yours?  Add to the list.

Finding the Right Words, Part 2

Speaking of the power of words, here's a few German words that may help describe your mood regarding the political scene, or just the way you normally would feel mid-winter:

1. Fernweh 
Fernweh, or "distance pain," is like the opposite of homesickness. It’s the feeling of wanting to be elsewhere, anywhere but where you are at this moment.
2. Weltschmerz
Weltschmerz translates literally to “world pain,” and boy oh boy, does that say it all. It’s the state of weariness one feels at the state of the world.
3. Kummerspeck
If your state of weltschmerz has been really getting to you, it’s possible you’ve put on a few extra pounds of kummerspeck, or literally, “grief bacon.”

 And several others..

To read the article, click on this link: />

It's been theorized that the Navajo language is the one most useful in understanding quantum physics and the Grand Unified Theory; something about having so many tenses, especially future tenses.

It's difficult, if not impossible, to feel or understand an idea or emotion if there's no word for it.  In The Giver, Jonas has no word for the color red, and, consequentially, can't see the color red.

In 1984,  Newspeak inverts the English language and the Ministry of Truth "rectifies" history.  Today, we have the US Patriot Act, Homeland Security Act, Voter "Protection" laws, and so on.   We're in the middle of our own Newspeak transition from standard English, and both the language and the truth will suffer from it.

In the next life, I want to be a linguistic archeologist. Yes, that's a real thing.