Monday, November 8, 2021

Celebrate American Education Week

  •  November 15-19
  • SPARTA will deliver letters of appreciation to each school along with a basket of goodies

Monday, November 1, 2021

A Mistrial in the Making

From the Daily Kos:

On August 25, 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse shot three people on the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Joseph Rosenbaum is definitely dead. Anthony Huber is definitely dead. Gaige Grosskreutz is still recovering from a severe wound. 

But none of these people are victims. At least, none of them can be called “victims” according to the judge for Rittenhouse’s upcoming trial.

As ABC News reported on Tuesday, Judge Bruce Schroeder made it clear that there were very distinct ground rules when the white 18-year-old goes on trial for crossing state lines, marching through the streets with a loaded weapon, and shooting three victims. And one of those rules is that Rittenhouse gets handled with kid gloves while his victims get slandered.

“The word ‘victim’ is a loaded, loaded word,” said Schroeder. “‘Alleged victim’ is a cousin to it.”

The prosecution can’t use the word victim, even with “alleged” tacked onto the front. But what words are then defense allowed to use when describing the three men that Rittenhouse left bleeding on the street when he strolled past police and drove back to his home in another state? 

According to Judge Schroeder, they can be called “looters.” Also “rioters” and “arsonists.” Even though none of the three victims of Rittenhouse’s shooting spree have been charged with any crime.

Irony is Dead: You Can't Say That

 Deluged as we are with outrage after outrage, it's hard to pick one out to note.  This, however, proves that there's no bottom to the black hole that we've fallen into.

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