Classroom Supply Closet

Classroom Supply Closet                                                        (715) 544-4845
3100 Minnesota Ave.                                   
Stevens Point, WI 54481

What we WILL accept:
·  Baby Food Jars (glass; with & without lids)
·  Baby Wipes
·  Baskets (all sizes)
·  Beans (dried; in bags)
·  Books (all levels and ages; for classroom reading)
·  Bottles (plastic – small to 2-liter size)
·  Bulletin Board Items (shapes, letters, boarders, learning/classroom-themed)
·  Cans (tin – all sizes – vegetable, coffee, empty & clean; no sharp edges; with or without lids)
·  Cardboard Food Containers (round oatmeal with lids, Pringle containers with lids, etc.)
·  Cereal Boxes (all sizes)
·  Colored Pencils (from 12 to 36 counts)
·  Comic Books/Graphic Novels (new or used; for craft supplies/ fun reading; school appropriate)
·  Composition Notebooks (black cover; black/white cover)
·  Cotton Balls
·  Crafting Items (feathers, paint, buttons, paper, beads, glass beads/gems, etc.)
·  Crates (milk, small, all shapes/sizes)
·  Crayons (24 count & up; basic colors)
·  Cups (paper, plastic, all sizes)
·  Curtains
·  Deodorant (for men and women)
·  Dish Towels
·  Disinfecting Wipes (Clorox, Lysol, etc.)
·  Disposable cameras
·  Dry Erase Markers (black & primary colors; wide primarily; thin also needed)
·  Dryer Sheets
·  Ear Buds (for computer lab use; new and in package ONLY)
·  Egg Cartons (all sizes; paper or Styrofoam)
·  Facial Tissue (Kleenex, Puffs, etc.)
·  Flash Cards (addition & subtraction)
·  Flash Drives (4GB or greater; clean with nothing on them; new and in package ONLY)
·  Florist Wire
·  Folders (paper with “bottom” pockets; with or without fasteners in middle; solid colors)
·  Free Meal Toys (from McDonald’s Happy Meals, for example)
·  Games (Board games, card games, for all ages)
·  Glass Jars (all sizes; with or without lids)
·  Glue (bottled; school glue – white)
·  Glue Sticks (all sizes; basic – no clear)
·  Graph Paper (loose-leaf or in pads)
·  Greeting Cards (new)
·  Hand Sanitizer (with pump; regular or large size)
·  Hand Soap (small for by sink; refill jugs)
·  Head phones (sit on outside of ears; for computer lab use; new and in package ONLY)
·  Highlighters (mostly Yellow; can take multiple colors)
·  Index Cards (3” x 5” lined, white)
·  Index Dividers (with and without pockets)
·  Laminating Pouches (all sizes – primarily size to hold 8 1⁄2 x 11 pages)
·  Legos (all sizes)
·  Loose-Leaf Notebook Paper (wide-ruled primarily)
·  Magazines (Old – for resources/scrap; ex – National Geographic, crafting, Celebrity, etc.)
·  Magazine Subscriptions (for classrooms/teacher resource)
·  Magnets
·  Markers (washable; wide & thin sizes; basic/primary colors)
·  Name Tags (any type)
·  Napkins
·  News Papers (Old – for scrap use)
·  Notebooks (small pocket-size, steno notebooks, spiral bound wide-ruled single-subject)
·  Organizational Items (crates, boxes, trays, containers; some with lids; to store/organize supplies)
·  Page protectors (clear, 3-hole standard)
·  Paint (water-color, acrylic, poster paint; use for all ages/sizes)
·  Paint Shirts (large, button-front preferred; will take any large shirts)
·  Paper (white computer, card stock, colored paper for printing on, novelty paper for printing on)
·  Paper Bags (grocery and lunch size; brown and white)
·  Paper Plates (inexpensive white ones)
·  Paper Towels
·  Party Supplies (streamers, hats, fun décor)
·  Pencils (#2 led; yellow; no “fun prints”)
·  Pencil Erasers (pink or white block erasers, pencil “topper” erasers)
·  Pencil Sharpeners (personal, small with shaving catcher)
·  Pens (black, blue and red ink)
·  Pet Items (for classroom pets; bedding, hay, food (small pet variety), fish food, toys, etc.)
·  Pizza Boxes (clean & reusable)
·  Plastic utensils (spoons, forks)
·  Play-dough
·  Popsicle Sticks (all sizes; for crafting, etc.)
·  Post-It Pads (3x3 size; Large presentation/wall size)
·  Posters (educational/inspirational themed)
·  Professional Literature (teaching, educational theories/information, learning-based, etc.)
·  Puzzles (from 24-piece count up to about 500-piece)
·  Rolls (cardboard inner tubes from toilet paper and paper towels)
·  Rulers (sturdy; wood, plastic or sturdy metal; with metric AND inches; no folding or bendable)
·  Safety Goggles (all sizes/types)
·  Scissors (round/blunt tip for kids; other sizes with any tip)
·  Sharpie Markers (black, regular)
·  Shoe Boxes (all sizes)
·  Single Socks (great for dry-erase “erasers” and crafting)
·  Spiral Notebooks (one-subject; wide-ruled)
·  Sponges (new and old)
·  S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Materials – books, tools, resources, etc.
·  Stickers (all – any size; character, reward, etc.; appropriate for classroom setting)
·  Storage Containers (kitchen storage type, plastic, with lids)
·  Straws (plastic, bending)
·  Tape (clear, duct (print or solid) and masking)
·  Tissue boxes (empty – Kleenex, Puffs, etc. – all sizes)
·  Twine
·  Used/Broken Crayons (for crafting)
·  Used Holiday/Greeting Card Fronts (pictures only; no personal messages or writing; for crafting)
·  Wire Hangers (for crafting)
·  Wooden Blocks
·  Yarn (all colors/types, amounts; old and new)
·  Zip-Loc (any brand) bags (all sizes – snack, sandwich, quart, gallon – with “pinch-close” tops)

What we CANNOT accept:
·  Adding Machines
·  Binders (at this time)
·  Computers and Printers
·  Dictionaries/Thesauruses
·  Encyclopedias (individual OR sets)
·  Furniture of any kind
·  Homemade Materials/Curriculum
·  Legal-size supplies (file folders, paper, hanging folders, etc.)
·  Letterhead/Stationery w/printing
·  Outdated Teaching Materials/Workbooks/Dittos/Photocopies
·  Perishable Items
·  Phones (cell OR land line)
·  Rolodexes
·  Romance Novels
·  Technology Accessories & Peripherals
·  Used Pencils or Colored Pencils

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