Baby Wipes
Beans:  dried in bags
Books:  all levels and ages; for classroom reading
Colored Pencils:  from 12 to 36 counts
Cotton Balls
Crafting Items:  feathers, paint, buttons, paper, beads, glass beads/gems, etc.
Crayons: 24 count and up; basic colors
Dry Erase Markers: black & primary colors; wide primarily; thin also needed
Dryer Sheets
Egg Cartons: all sizes; paper or styrofoam
Facial Tissue: Kleenex, Puffs, etc.
Glue: bottled; school glue— white
Glue Sticks: all sizes; basic—no clear
Hand Soap: small for by sink; refill jugs
Laminating Pouches: all sizes—primarily size to hold 8 ½ x 11 pages
Legos: all sizes
Markers:  washable; wide & thin sizes; basic/primary colors
Newspaper: old—for scrap use
Paint: water-color, acrylic, poster paint; use for all ages/sizes
Paper: white computer, card stock, colored paper for printing on, novelty paper for printing on
Paper plates: inexpensive white ones
Party Supplies: streamers, hats, fun décor
Pizza boxes: clean & reusable
Plastic Utensils: spoons, forks
Popsicle Sticks: all sizes; for crafting, etc.
Post-It-Pads: 3x3 size; large presentation/wall size
Rolls: cardboard inner tubes from toilet paper and paper towels
Safety Goggles: all sizes
Scissors: round/blunt tip for kids; other sizes with any tip
Sponges: new and old
Stickers: all—any size; character, reward, etc.; appropriate for classroom setting
Tape: clear, duct—print or solid, masking
Tissue Boxes:  empty—Kleenex, Puffs, etc. —all sizes
Wooden blocks

Zip-Loc: any brand bags; all sizes—snack, sandwich, quart, gallon—with “ pinch-close tops

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