2018 November: agenda, minutes, newsletter

Park Ridge Family Restaurant, 3425 Church Street, Stevens Point 
Monday, November 12, 2018 
President: Santha Bickford Co-Secretaries: Dave Blado, Lauren Isberner Data Manager: Sherrilee Wallermann 
Treasurers: Janet Langton Immediate Past President: Joyce Chekouras Vice President: Vacant 
Socialization beginning at 11:15 with orders taken about 11:30. You are responsible for your own lunch and will also need to include a tip. We may order either breakfast or lunch, only soup or salad, or whatever pleases you. 
BUSINESS MEETING: (Beginning as soon as orders are taken and continuing through lunch) 
Call to order: Pledge of Allegiance; Introduction of guests and new members; Recognition of Veterans, who will receive a free meal today complements of an anonymous member; Reflection, remembering especially Nancy Kemmeter’s sister, Lauren Isberner’s father, and Santha Bickford’s sister who passed away since our last meeting. 
Drawing for door prize 
Consent Agenda/ Officers’ Reports: Minutes of previous meeting as written on the following pages (automatically approved if there are no corrections.) 
Treasurer’s Report 

  1. 1. Regular Committee Updates: (Because members have expressed a desire to shorten the business meeting, we will only hear from those who have been active and wish to report.) a. Book Committee. 
  2. b. Grant Committee 
  3. c. Legislative Committee 
  4. d. Health Committee 
  5. e. Data Committee 
  6. f. Membership Committee 

  7. 2. Convention Thanks and Feedback 
  8. 3. Education Week Plans (Table tents, Candy, Letters to the Editor, Packets for New Teachers )
1. Participation in Panel at MidState 
2. Distribution of CWAG handout for questions to discuss with your agent for Power of Attorney for Health Care 
3. President’s Update on Committees 
4. Preliminary Plans to celebrate our 50th next year 
5. Presentation 

PROGRAM: The Evolving Role of Literacy Council by Christy SeBlonka 
Minutes of September Meeting 
On Monday September 10th, 2018 SPARTA met at the Park Ridge Family Restaurant with 32 present, including new member Kathleen Nicholson. 
The door prize was won by David Blado. There was a moment of reflection for David Crawford, our colleaugue who has recently passed as well as Nancy Kemmeter's sister, Julie Hoerth. 
A motion to approve the minutes as printed was made by Jodi Zimmerman and seconded by Jan Langton. 
Members were reminded to give their volunteer hour forms to Joyce Chekouras and continue recording their hours for the next turn in date. 
We are again planning to acknowledge staff at all our local schools for American Education Week in November. Goodie bags and table tents will be put together for pick up at our next meeting. 
A motion for the entire slate of SPARTA officers be elected by unanimous consent for the 2018 thru 2020 years was made by Jan Langton and seconded by Joyce Chekouras. Motion passed. 
Regular Committee Updates; 
BOOK COMMITTEE; Nancy Kemmeter reminded members that the Fall Book sale is Oct. 17-20th. Posters were available for distribution. Sign-up sheets were passed. 
GRANT COMMITTEE: Jan Swiston informed members that applications for applying for grants will now be sent via e-mail. 
LEGISLATIVE: Joyce Chekouras reminded everyone to vote. 
MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Mary Ann Krems introduced Kathy Nicholson as our most recent new member. 
SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Eileen Payne shared that this past trip to Cedarburg, WI was a huge success. If you have suggestions for our next outing please contact Eileen. 
There are plenty of fun committees of which to be a part. Please consider the possibilities. 
Cheryl Stetser, a representative from AMBA and WREA reminded us that being a member of WREA gives us the opportunity to take advantage of the many benefits available. Kathleen Nicholson won the WREA drawing of a $20 gift card. 
Craig Gerlach, Stevens Point Area Public School District Superintendent informed members that the district is having question and answer sessions in various locations for the next couple of months. This is an opportunity for us all to know the facts about the state of our school system. Attend so you can make an informed vote. 

Jan Langton presented the budget and made a motion for the 2018-2019 budget as presented by the treasurer be accepted. The motion was seconded by Laurel Hoeth. Motion passed. 
Jan Langton made a motion for the financial report for 2017-2018 be accepted. The motion was seconded by Jack Allgaier. Motion passed. 
Jan Langton made a motion that lifetime dues for SPARTA be set at $150. The motion was seconded by Jan Swiston. Motion passed. 
Jan Langton made a motion for $100 to be donated to the SPARTA Scholarship Fund in memory of David Crawford. The motion was seconded by Joyce Chekouras. The motion passed. 
The convention volunteers and delegates have their schedules and the meeting is right around the corner! On Monday, September 24 the activities begin. Enjoy! 
Our program was presented by Daniel Wachowiak. Dan is a 25 year veteran of the force and a 10 year veteran as a canine handler. Dan told us some very interesting stories with his dog by his side. 
At our next meeting our guest speaker will be Kristy SeBlonka, from the Portage County Literacy Council. 
A motion to adjourn was made by Laurel Hoeth and seconded by Ann Eggleston. 
Respectfully Submitted by Lauren Isberner 
News and Notes: 
I have been in the process of organizing committees for the 2018-19 term. It is my objective to share the duties with some of our members who are available now and perhaps were not in the past! I am also redefining some of the committee roles to better reflect our needs. There are still some slots available-some such as the program committee that require attention for every meeting and others such as the grant committee which only require attention periodically. If you haven’t been contacted but would be willing to serve, please contact me. I particularly need one or two members who would be willing to train and serve as Power of Attorney for Health Care presenters and some with fresh ideas for the Program Committee. Members have been so generous sharing their time and talents in the past, and I am so thankful! And on that topic, many thanks again to all who worked to make another successful book sale! Many hands really do make the load lighter-besides a lot more fun! 
Education Week is almost here again and our feedback from last year was so positive that once again we are assembling treats and table tents for the various public schools in our area. WREA Membership has also assembled packets for new teachers at each school, so in my contact with each school, I’ll also be soliciting this information. And while on the topic of schools, PLEASE remember to vote on November 6 if you haven’t already done so! The Education Week packets for each school will be available at our meeting and we’ll also have sample letters if you would be willing to submit a Letter to the Editor during the week 
One of my objectives for this year is to reach out to members who have had major changes in their lives such as no longer able to live at home, suffering from chronic conditions, caring for a family member or other, etc. Linda Tomaszewski, who served as an educational assistant in Point for many years, has suffered a major health crisis and has serious challenges. I’m sure there are others! I know that some of us are visiting and calling on a one-to-one basis, and I’m so appreciative! If you know of someone who could use a call or friendly visit (or if you would be a caller or visitor), please let me know. 
We had very positive feedback from our state WREA convention held here in September. Elbert Rackow obtained decks of playing cards which were given to each attendee, and thanks to his diligent efforts, we had a few decks left! Every member who attends the November meeting will receive one, thanks to Elbert! 

Membership is an ongoing homework assignment for us all! If you are a member of a lunch, breakfast, or coffee group from one of our schools, please make a special effort to invite these folks to our meetings. Let’s make 2019 a year to remember! 

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