Thursday, July 8, 2021

Membership Form 2021-2022


SPARTA Membership 2021-2022


Return this application and your dues to 

Jan Langton, 2010 Aspen Lane, Plover, WI 54467


Name _______________________________________________________________________________________


Address _____________________________________________________________________________________


City, State, Zip ________________________________________________________________________________


District and school from which you retired ___________________________________________________________


Preferred phone number ________________________________________________________________________


Email  _______________________________________________________________________________________


 Our default method of communication is through email.  If you wish to receive a paper copy of the newsletter, check this box.




☐    I’m a new member.  My first year is free!

☐    $12 annual

☐    $12 Associate annual 

        $150 life


WREA Dues   WREA dues are passed on to WREA.  You can pay dues online at or mail them to: WREA, 6405 Century Ave, Suite 201, Middleton, WI 53562.    

Regular membership (retired teachers, current teachers, support staff, k-12, administrators, technical college and university.)  

             $60 annual 

            ☐ $165 three-year

      ☐ $1,000 life


Associate membership (spouses of members, other annuitants in the Wisconsin Retirement System, friends of education.)  

            ☐ $40 annual

      ☐ $105 three-year



WREA and WEA are NOT the same organization. WREA’s main purpose is to protect the pension system and support public education.   WEA is/was the union.  Being a member of one doesn’t equate to being a member of the other.  Many of us are life members of both. 

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