Wednesday, March 31, 2021

We've Lost our Lease

  From our President:

            We at Stevens Point Area Retired Teachers’ Association are reaching out to ask if anyone in the community knows of or has a place where we can collect our used books and hold our semi-annual used book sales. For the past five years we have had space and a wonderful relationship with the Children’s Museum downtown. The building has been sold and the new owner has other plans for the space, so we need to relocate.


            As you probably know, SPARTA has been iconic in the area for these sales. In 1991 we were offered the opportunity to take over the book sales from the American Association of University Women, and we happily assumed this service.  Profits from sales are donated back to community organizations in the form of grants and scholarships. Priority is given to causes which support our young people, and second to causes which support our elderly. We are able to pay a modest amount of rent and to work with anyone generous enough to support our efforts.


            Because of the COVID crisis, we were not able to hold book sales in 2020, and thus were not able to support the organizations we have in the past. Scholarship funds have been saved in an account with the Community Foundation set up for that purpose, so we are able to continue that. However, if we are not able to find a new site for our books and sales, we will probably be unable to fund our community outreach for a second year.


            If you have any suggestions or ideas to help us, please call and discuss them with our president Santha Bickford (7153405501) or our Book Committee Chairperson, Nancy Kemmeter, (7153405627}.  Please feel free to pass this information on as you see fit! Many thanks!

Friday, March 26, 2021

Jim Crow 2.0


Gov. Kemp signing Georgia's Voter Suppression Bill, 3/25/2021.

Male white suprematists trying to protect their power.

Meanwhile, State Rep. Park Cannon, a Black woman, was arrested and accused of obstruction after protesting a bill that makes it harder for Georgians to vote.  Her crime?  Knocking on the door while this photo op took place. From Huffington Post

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

AARP Tips on Finances

 Forget the "Tips from the Treasurer."  The February/March 2021 edition of The AARP Magazine has it all.  There are great pieces on how to handle your finances and secure your future.  And it has George Clooney on the front: 

Our National Anthem

I've had mixed feelings about our national anthem, but was mostly won over by the Whitney Houston performance in 1991: Whitney at Super Bowl 1991

Now, I know this isn't fair, since Whitney is incomparable, but did you catch the offering at CPAC last weekend?  Oy vey, and a cappella at that: CPAC National Anthem  Watch it to the end, it only gets worse.

Just to put a period at the end of this sentence, this is a Canadian audience at Maple Leaf hockey game helping out when the microphone cut out:  Canadians Help Out.  How can you not love Canada?

March 4 is Upon Us

 Yes, the crazies are predicting that March 4 is the date that the "real" president will take office.  What's the plot?  Everything from Biden being a robot with human-like skin to T returning in victory.  For the details, check out this article from Alternet: March 4 Victory