Monday, September 4, 2017

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics --Mark Twain*

--University of York

Here are a few random statistics to brighten your day:

Louisiana Republicans who blame Katrina on Obama: 29%  (Um, Katrina-2005)
US voting-age population voting in 2016 presidential election: 55.7%, 27th among nations
Total cost of US wars since 2001: $1.8 trillion
Americans who think human activity has added to climate change: 48%
Americans who think that humans were created "as is" 10,000 years ago: 42%
Americans who think vaccines are extremely or very important: 84%
Democrats/Left Leaners who think higher education has a positive impact on the country: 72%
Republicans/Right Leaners who think higher education has a negative impact on the country: 58%
US foreign aid: 1% of the national budget
Highest personal income tax: Denmark, 53.9%
Happiest country: Iceland (And that's before they beat Britain in the quarter-finals!)

Fun and games with statistics!  I could do this all day!  And just have!

Speaking of Statistics
National Priorities Project is an interesting website that shows what the government is spending on different programs.  It allows you to see what the trade-offs could be.  For example:

For Corporate Tax Avoidance (Profits Held Offshore), taxpayers in Portage County, Wisconsin are paying $106.92 million per year. Here's what those tax dollars could have paid for instead:

  • + edit ➜ 1,393 Elementary School Teachers for 1 Yearor
  • + edit ➜ 1,443 Clean Energy Jobs Created for 1 Yearor
  • + edit ➜ 1,924 Infrastructure Jobs Created for 1 Yearor
  • + edit ➜ 1,069 Jobs with Supports Created in High Poverty Communities for 1 Yearor
  • + edit ➜ 13,364 Head Start Slots for Children for 1 Yearor
  • + edit ➜ 10,063 Military Veterans Receiving VA Medical Care for 1 Yearor
  • + edit ➜ 3,115 Scholarships for University Students for 4 Yearsor
  • + edit ➜ 4,596 Students Receiving Pell Grants of $5,815 for 4 Yearsor
  • + edit ➜ 72,715 Children Receiving Low-Income Healthcare for 1 Yearor
  • + edit ➜ 155,765 Households with Wind Power for 1 Yearor
  • + edit ➜ 39,830 Adults Receiving Low-Income Healthcare for 1 Yearor
  • + edit ➜ 96,215 Households with Solar Electricity for 1 Year
Follow the link:        

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